Mbuyelo Coal has a rich footprint in the Mpumalanga province of lush South Africa. It is born from the company Mbuyelo Group (Pty) Ltd which has its main business in the coal mining industry and is similarly growing its portfolio in other businesses such as the properties, farming and contracting industries.

Mbuyelo Coal is groomed with the same principle of unparalleled effort in all we are tasked with towards building a well-grounded company. Equivalent to sheer determination to succeed, our goal involves making sure our stakeholders get returns on their investment. The de-racialization of the South African economy as a whole, brought relief and what may have started out as mere dreams turned out to be attainable even though it meant arduous and unceasing effort!

Current News

IDCMbuyelo Coal has recently been approved for funding by the Industrial Development Corporation(“IDC”) for their flagship mine, Manungu Colliery. The company is very excited to proceed with production, especially being backed by such…
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Extreme-MakeoverExtreme Makeover at Manungu Colliery.
A relocation pickle did a complete 360 when Tshedza Mining (Pty) Ltd, a subsidiary wholly owned by Mbuyelo Coal and through the mine Manungu Colliery, handed over a custom…
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A few years ago one could have been forgiven for thinking Mbuyelo as a
mining house is a pipe dream. Today, what we accomplish speaks for itself.
Mr Rirhandzu Owner Siweya – Mbuyelo Coal CEO

Current project

  • Asset 100% Mbuyelo Coal
  • Mining Right executed
  • Historically mined by BHP (and
    previously known as TNC Mine)
Current project

  • In a joint venture with
    Muhanga Mines (Pty) ltd
  • Operational
  • Underground and Opencast;
    currently focusing on opencast
Current project

  • Asset 100% Mbuyelo Coal
  • Mining Right granted
  • First coal at Manungu/Eloff
    to be mined February 2014


There are individuals (fraudsters) branding themselves as Mbuyelo Coal (Pty) Ltd and Mbuyelo Group (Pty) Ltd respectively. They disguise themselves under a different name, which we cannot mention at the moment until the investigations are complete. We are doing our best on the matter and will hold the necessary persons liable for this criminal offence. Should anyone hear about internships, vacancies or bursaries and need to verify them, please use the following contacts:


Moleboheng Moletsane at moleboheng@mbuyelo.com0118670836/0219

Or email info@mbuyelo.com


We do apologize for any inconvenience caused.