DUNCAN MJADU – Engineering Manager

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When did you join Mbuyelo Group/Coal/Mining Contractors?

I joined Mbuyelo Coal in January 2019.

What made you interested in the specific field/line of work?

The magic of how individual components gets integrated to work as a single unit. Think of a project for instance, it starts from a conceptual phase, design, individual components and eventually a useful asset/plant/equipment to satisfy a specific need. Socially, I also drew a lot of inspiration from my family members, who chose a similar career path before me.

What are the basic skills one has to equip themselves with to perform successfully in your line of work?

My duties include:

  • Development in business management – every decision needs to be aligned to business objectives.
  • People management skills – to become an effective leader.
  • Collaboration – flexibility in interdepartmental working relationships.
  • Effective Listening.
What is a typical work day/scenario for you at Mbuyelo?

My typical day work has to do with ensuring safety of the people at the mine, management and safeguarding of company assets, ensure continuous improvement projects are executed timeously and within budget.

Which office are you based?

I am running two operations (Belfast and Kendal)

Do you ever go on site?

Yes – I am based at the mine, Ntshovelo as my position entails day to day running of the mine activities.

Which motto do you live by? What makes you get up in the morning without fail?

“Great things never come from comfort zone” I always strive to stretch myself beyond what seems to be the limit.


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