Felicia Zikalala – HR Manager

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When did you join Mbuyelo Coal

I became a complete member of the Mbuyelo Coal family in 2015 when it acquired the total ownership of the company from previous JV partners. Otherwise, I have been working together with Mbuyelo since 2012.

What made you interested in your specific field?

I have always had an interest in the multi-dimensional nature of human beings.

What are the basic skills one has to equip themselves with to perform successfully in your line of work?

My duties include:

To be a successful HR professional, and depending on the level that one is at in the business, the following maybe the core skills and competencies that one needs to have or to demonstrate:

  • Communication – strong ability to communicate either verbally or in writing and abilty to communicate to the wide range of people – from line staff, executives as well external stakeholders.
  • Personal Credibility – you must have sensible and honest ethics as well as HR expertise and taking a professional approach when delivering your work.
  • Analytical and Critical Thinking – with the ability to analyse information and situations quickly and use it to make robust decisions.
  • Relationship building and collaborative ability wherein you are able to work with a range of different people internally and externally to the company. Strong interpersonal skills also become key.
  • Skilled influencer – with the ability to influence and gain commitment from different stakeholders in order to benefit the company
  • Multitasking skills as you are required to work with the different issues at once
  • Driven to deliver the results with purposefulness and resourcefulness
What is a typical work day/scenario for you at Mbuyelo?

What is of key interest, is that each day is different to the other. One day I might be dealing with an unhappy employee, and the next day it could be an unhappy supervisor or manager. This then calls for me to immediately attend to them to ensure that I bring in alignment and mend the relationship. Some days I could have planned tasks like interviews, engagements meeting etc. The bottom line is that my work is dynamic and I need to be a resource to whoever needs me at that point in time.

Which office are you based?

I am based at the Vlakvarkfontein/Ntshovelo Colliery, so I am on site on a daily basis.

What makes you get up in the morning without fail?

Having an influence on, and being able to change other people’s attitudes and their view of life. Just seeing growth in individuals and in the organisation as a whole, makes me happy.


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