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In the User Accounts section, click the Add User button. In the Add User dialog box, type the user name and password for the new user account.

Click the OK button. In the Preferences window, under the General tab, click the Users and Groups tab. Now, QuickBooks Desktop will automatically log in to the new user account when you open the program. Multiple users in QuickBooks Desktop can have different permissions, settings, and access to files.

Here are some pros and cons of using multiple users:. Increased Efficiency: With multiple users working on the same file, each user can work on their part of the file more efficiently, which can save time. Increased Collaboration: If a user is working on a project with others, having them work on the project as multiple users can increase the level of collaboration. Each user can have their own work area and be focused on their part of the project, without distractions.

Take care and have a good one! View solution in original post. Which one do you have? If the latter, you have to contact Support and ask them to merge the license. Thanks for the additional information, kimhazen. Those steps and references will help you set up multi-user successfully in QuickBooks Desktop.

You can refer to my instructions and make sure the product license for both workstations are the same. Here are the steps to check the number:. If you need tips, resources, and playlists, you can visit our Support page to learn more. This helps manage your account and improve your QuickBooks experience. Don’t hesitate to drop a reply below if you have additional multi-user concerns.

I’ll be around to help in any way I can. Always take care! I know this is quite a while since you sent me a message but tax season was busy. I am now trying to get this figured out but not much luck. Thanks for getting back with the Community about this, kimhazen.

I appreciate your detailed information about what’s going on. Since QuickBooks is showing your company file’s location in the Downloads folder, you’ll want to perform the same steps provided by MadelynC with that folder. Once you’ve finished setting up your folder’s permissions, you can proceed with the next set of steps in MadelynC’s post. You’ll additionally be able to find many detailed resources about using QuickBooks in our help article archives.

Hello I want to clarify that if we want to use multi user mode for 2 pcs we cannot back up files to the Intuit cloud. Thanks for turning to the Community about your concern, innovative B. You can create a data backup in your account using either Multi-user or Single-user mode because both of these modes provide a task or feature to completely back up the file.

To learn more about the tasks that can be performed in multi-user mode, check out this article: Features available and tasks you can perform in single or multi-user mode. Additionally, you have an option to adjust user roles in QuickBooks Desktop by going to the Company tab, then select Users and Roles , and click the Edit button to review or change the access level.

For the detailed guide, please visit this article: Create and manage roles. I’ll share the article about how to fix Error H and H as a future reference. You’re always welcome to tag me in your reply if you have other questions about multi-user mode.

It’s always my top priority to help and ensure to keep you on the right track. Stay safe! I did the switch to multiuser and allow the sharing on the server computer office , how I open the file on the other computer Home?? Do I need copy the file from office and restore at home or what’s the steps? Secure a backup file QBB from your office and restore it on your machine at home. You have to install QB Desktop on your home machine and need one user license to do so.

Make sure no one access your company file at your office until you restore the file with the updated one. Check out How to install QuickBooks Desktop for help installing on your workstations. Need to make changes or updates to your accounts or subscriptions? Visit the Account Management Page. QuickBooksHelp Intuit. If you haven’t already, follow the steps to download and then install QuickBooks Desktop on your server computer.

Step 2: Set folder permissions Follow the steps to set up folder permissions on your server computer. Step 5: Set admin rights Make sure the user account you use to sign in to your server computer has Windows admin rights. Also, make sure the Windows user account for Database Server Manager has admin rights. Step 6: Use Database Server Manager After you install the Database Server Manager, follow the steps and use it to scan the folder that holds your company files.

Step 7: Turn on hosting Now that you’ve set up everything outside of QuickBooks, all you need to do is turn on Multi-user Access on your server computer. Utilize import, export, and delete services of Dancing Numbers software. In case of multi user license for the QuickBooks, it allows multiple people i. The largest multiuser license is Single user license means only one person can access one QuickBooks on one system at a time.

If you have two users who need to share QuickBooks on the system then you need to purchase two single user licenses. If the QuickBooks is installed or running on single system but the both the users have their own single user licensed then they can share QuickBooks installed on one system.

Both the user can work individually means they can install QuickBooks on their system also and they can also share. They can keep their individual file or database on their individual system or on sharing system such as server.

QuickBooks allow both the users to work on same program at same time. Multi user license means if more than two person need to access QuickBooks on a system at a time. Multi user License allows fixed maximum number of users to use QuickBooks at a time. If you want that more than two user use QuickBooks at a same time then you have to purchase Multi user license instead of purchasing two single user licenses.

There are three types of multi user License category in QuickBooks, they are:. Single user and multi user both are associated by specific users. Each user have their own specific license no one can share other license but yes in case when some employee leaves the company in that case you can give his license to other who use to work on that system.

For example: If in a company there are 10 people from that 10 peoples 7 are the user of the QuickBooks. In that case you have to purchase 7 different licenses for 7 users not 3 or 2 Less than 7. Every individual have their own specific license to work on QuickBooks and share program and files. When you use Multi user QuickBooks means that the QuickBooks database is shared on the same drive which is used by all the users, so that all user can access the data from the same drive. The main system is the server who stores all the data in it and every one can work on the data base by accessing it from the server.

If you have server than there is no need to buy separate license for computer. In this it is necessary that administrator mode is activated from the file menu and set all the privileges for all users. The QuickBooks Error indicates that the other user is currently in the company file in single user mode. The error message looks like:. Following are the steps which are to be performed by the user in order to switch the user mode in QuickBooks:. Following are the steps to be performed in order to set company file to be open in multiuser mode in QuickBooks:.

So, above is the detail of two modes of QuickBooks. We hope this article will help you or in case you are not able to work then you can connect with Dancing Numbers experts via LIVE CHAT and we will try to serve you with the right solution from the comfort of your place. Looking for a professional expert to get the right assistance for your problems?

Here, we have a team of professional and experienced team members to fix your technical, functional, data transfer, installation, update, upgrade, or data migrations errors. We are here at Dancing Numbers available to assist you with all your queries. Single User Mode In single user mode there is a limitation for accessing company file and data i. It is a time consuming in compression to multiuser mode.


Multiple users quickbooks desktop.Set up and Install a Multi-User Network for QuickBooks Desktop

You will see a web page that allows you to select “Purchase additional licenses via phone” or “Purchase additional licenses via web”. A QuickBooks multiuser license.


Hosting your company data in multi-user mode in QuickBooks Desktop


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