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I have a legitimate copy of CS5. Как сообщается здесь reinstalled my CS5. I was directed to an offline activation page, but CS5. So how can I perform an offline activation for CS5. Some further information.

I have now tried with a different internet connection and still cannot get to the adobe activation servers. The problem appears to be that the old servers are not responding. So the only possible way is to manually activate, or for Adobe to provide non activation versions like they have for CS3!

Allan, sorry you как сообщается здесь facing difficulties with the activation process. What is the exact error that you are receiving when you attempt to activate? I reviewed the upgrade license for Creative Suite 5. It does look like you were successful with the registration process however back on January 19, You will want to make sure to use the installation files that приведу ссылку provided with your purchase, Allan.

Hi Jeff and thanks for replying. The original error that I received was about not being able to connect to the internet for activation. A rep on chat pointed me to the offline activation page, but it requires a request code which CS5. The call centre could not help as they do not have access to a manual method продолжение здесь CS5.

Now I am being asked to provide my Adobe ID. This would not accept my then password as being “too long”. It now accepts that password, but says that it cannot start my CS live subscription?? It has never это update autodesk inventor 2015 free download извиняюсь that before. So it’s not even getting to the adobe illustrator cs5 activator free download screen that failed. Clearly I can login as I am to post this. See image attached. Thanks for the additional information, Allan.

You can disregard the message you are currently seeing regarding CS Live. That service was shut down several years ago. The request for your Adobe ID is to help complete the registration process. Oh and a little more important information.

This whole process began because an MS update totally BSOD’d my SP4 and the only way back was a complete wipe and reinstall of Windows no preservation of any files would work. So I lost all my software.

The registration you note from Jan 19, would be the original, but since that time I deactivated it from that machine and installed it on my current SP4. It’s been working here for the last years with no problems – including a previous reinstall after a similar MS wonderful update. The licence is legit and the software accepts it. Please note that I have checked the hosts file, etc and that’s all clean.

I’ve also tried to access the activation page via a browser as suggested in another forum message below somewhere and that returns a error. It appears that the activation servers are not responding. They do not respond to pings either but that may be deliberate, I know.

Allan, I already reviewed your activation history when I originally replied. We have never received an activation request for your license of Creative Suite 5. Please do continue to post any errors that you receive during the activation and licensing process. Please be aware though that this is a public forum, so verify none of the screenshots contain personal information such as a serial number читать далее e-mail address.

Jeff, you may not have a record of that, BUT it has been active and in use since It has activated before!! I could not have used it unless it activated, or at least it thought it had activated successfully! I KNOW it has activated before because I used it on my old computer and moved adobe illustrator cs5 activator free download to my new one about 3 years ago.

Does adobe illustrator cs5 activator free download make any difference if I point out that I’m in Australia? Did that use different activation servers at one time? Besides, my most recent problem before the above login failure was that the activation page would come up and tell me I had no internet connection.

When I tried connecting to that page with a Browser as adobe illustrator cs5 activator free download, I got a error. Allan, I am sure you did use the software previously I can only tell you what I found after reviewing the history for CS5.

Currently, though it appears the new computer is unable to contact our activation servers to even check to see if you have activations remaining or not. I just checked again and we have not received either an offline or online request. Did you attempt to move any applications from one computer to another? What посмотреть больше did you use to bring over the documents and settings?

Finally, regarding support case ADBF3J5 I am showing that we closed the chat due to no longer receiving a response from you. Hi Jeff and thank you for hanging in there. So yes registration is not an issue. Yes I have checked everything здесь adobe illustrator cs5 activator free download help file you referred to. As for “New” computer, there is no current new computer per se.

My current computer is an SP4 which I’ve been using for several years. Around 3 adobe illustrator cs5 activator free download ago, I uninstalled CS5. So this has been on this computer for that time.

Recently, as in last week, MS wanted to install one of their so-called “feature updates”. The adobe illustrator cs5 activator free download way I could recover was with a recovery disk and a complete wipe of all existing files. So for all intents and purposes a new install. I then let it update to the latest version of Windows Now I reinstalled CS5. As an upgrade it required that I enter the Serial number of the original CS5 – no problem, done. Install proceeds and all looks good.

Note I’m only using Acrobat and Dreamweaver and that is all that I installed. A adobe illustrator cs5 activator free download of days adobe illustrator cs5 activator free download, the software pop’s up an activation window.

So I go ahead and it then tells me that it cannot access the internet! Hence, I attempt to perform a manual activation by contacting support. Support point me to the offline activation page. So next time the activation page comes up, I switch to the manual activation option. This page provides me with 4 items to give to a call centre rep.

None of them are valid request codes for offline activation it appears that CS5. The call centre cannot help because they too only have activation to that offline page and have no information about the CS5. They closed the case, because they could adobe illustrator cs5 activator free download help me. Вот ссылка closed it immediately after I said “So that just leaves me stuck, thanks anyway” and ended the call.

So, at this point, CS5. I am connected to the internet and everything else is working. Any ideas? There has to be a way to perform an offline activation for CS5.

BTW, I have tried a different way of connecting to the internet via my sharing my internet connection from my mobile phone and ensuring that was the only way for my PC to connect to the internet – via my mobile data.

That too still results in CS5. That does not mean that something else is not blocking the process on the computer. If you continue to be unsuccessful, then I would recommend you implement the following steps:. Completing these steps should clear out any remaining licensing and activation files that remain on the computer. You can then begin the installation again using the DVDs provided with your purchase. Beyond the issues, you are facing with activation, Allan, I am also surprised that the education license you purchased for Creative Suite 5 is being accepted.

Due to the low cost of an education license, they are not considered valid for upgrades. In fact, education licenses больше на странице often cheaper than the retail upgrade licenses that were available. Hi Jeff. My problem with the offline activation process was how to generate a “Request Code”. It said to read these out to the Customer Support person. Http://replace.me/28855.txt of these was an acceptable request code for the offline activation page.

Nothing on the local activation page had an option to generate a Request Code.


– Adobe illustrator cs5 activator free download

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– Adobe illustrator cs5 activator free download


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Adobe illustrator cs5 activator free download –

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