Cost of quickbooks online vs desktop.QuickBooks Online vs. QuickBooks Desktop — Which Is Best For You?

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Cost of quickbooks online vs desktop
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QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor certification is free. There are several plan alternatives available for QBO, including:.

QuickBooks Online vs Desktop: 9 Critical Differentiators – Learn | Hevo.

And if data analysis is an important part of growing your business, QuickBooks Desktop is a solid pick. Ultimately, the size, use case, budget, and requirements of your company will be the decisive factors. Blue Twitter Icon Share this website with Twitter. Read our editorial guidelines and advertising disclosure. Plan options offered include:.


QuickBooks Online vs. QuickBooks Desktop | – An overview of QuickBooks Desktop vs QuickBooks Online


When you click on one, you open up a dashboard with almost everything pertaining to the Project in one spot. With one click to access the individual project dashboard. Actuals and the Job Profitability Detail report — are item-based.

This allows you to set up your cost codes as Items and keep your chart of accounts very simple. The items are used to record all job-related costs on all invoices, purchase orders, and estimates. Your cost of goods sold accounts look something like this:. Meanwhile, your item list will look something like this except usually, it will be a lot longer :.

Actual available in QuickBooks Desktop are based on the cost of goods sold accounts. The items are only used for estimates and invoicing. This then results in a lot of data entry, negating one of the best features of QuickBooks Online. In QuickBooks Online, your cost of goods sold accounts will represent your cost codes — meaning you could have dozens or even hundreds of COGS accounts:.

Depending on how you invoice your clients, your Item list may also represent your cost codes. If you do lump sum invoicing, it may be just an item or two.

On the other hand, your Job Cost reports are a bit different. To create Estimates vs. The Budgets vs. Actual report is NOT available from the Projects dashboard and will require some customizing. In Summary, job costing in QuickBooks Desktop is item-based. QuickBooks Online, however, has a very impressive Projects Dashboard. For me personally, the biggest issue is the job costing of labor. When I say labor, I mean employees you pay on payroll for job or project related labor.

The payroll system in QuickBooks Desktop does an amazing job of allocating your labor costs. QuickBooks Desktop pulls this off pretty efficiently, too. Getting the time in is probably what takes the most work.

If you use TSheets , this process is even more of a breeze. From there, you simply run the payroll the time pulls into the paycheck automagically , as I love to say. The labor costs, including burden, will then post to the job. I made a video to show you exactly how all of this works on my website under Tips and Tricks. Actual reports. Time can also come in from TSheets:.

This is a serious limitation if you need to see your labor costs broken down by cost code. You can always just build the burden into your mark-up. This method leverages a burdened rate. This may work just fine for some, but I have a hard time with it not showing up on the Job Estimates vs. Actual or Job Profitability reports. The job costing of labor requires far more work in QuickBooks Online than in QuickBooks Desktop, if you need it broken down by cost code. But it works!

I have more detailed videos on all of this in my QuickBooks Online Projects training. QuickBooks Online is natively web based. QuickBooks Online Plus comes with five full access users plus two accountant users, QuickBooks Online Advanced includes 25 users and three accountant users.

If you have employees whose time needs job costed, I recommend a subscription to TSheets , which is also web based. You can use a spreadsheet in some cases — but in most cases, TSheets is going to be the most efficient.

QuickBooks Desktop can also be accessed remotely, either with Qbox , hosting, or a teamvie wer typ e program. This option works well for accessing your data remotely from different locations or for bookkeepers sharing access with clients — one at a time.

This does not work well for most cases of multi-user, simultaneous access. For that, I recommend hosting. The updated data file syncs to your computer and back to the cloud — so fast, you can hardly track it — so there are never any delays while working. When your QuickBooks data is hosted, you access the data via a remote desktop connection. You can set this up with your own server using the Windows remote desktop software. You access QuickBooks anywhere, anytime, as long as you have an internet connection.

QuickBooks Online. If you have one of the more robust job costing scenarios, a large number of projects, cost-code level labor costing — or are otherwise running up against the limitations of QuickBooks Online, but still want to use it — you can add a third-party software solution.

A third-party software solution can resolve the job costing limitations that exist in QuickBooks Online, as well as add lots of other awesome project management features — like take-off estimating, scheduling, client and vendor communications, AIA invoicing, and more. It sounds great, right? And it really can be. BUT there are a couple things you need to know about this option:. This just means that in most cases, the third-party software will be handling all of the job costing , and QuickBooks Online will just handle the accounting.

This is how most third-party systems talk to QuickBooks Online. QuickBooks Desktop. It does a great job of job costing on its own, but you can also integrate third-party project management software with it as well for project management features.

With this scenario, you usually have good job costing in both the third-party software AND QuickBooks, which is nice. It is good to know, though, that, for the most part, QuickBooks Online integrates much more seamlessly with third- party software than QuickBooks Desktop due to the nature of cloud-based vs. QuickBooks Online can accommodate any level of job costing with a third-party add-on. These have to be manually entered into the third-party system or to items.

Currently, TSheets is the only third-party software that works with Projects. If you are still not sure which is the best choice for you, watch this quick minute video that walks you through the key differences. No matter what type of contracting business you have, I can show you how to put QuickBooks to work for your business. And I can show you exactly how. My passion is helping hard-working contractors succeed financially in an often-challenging industry.

She is very tech savvy and is able to log onto your system and work directly with your personnel to accomplish whatever is necessary. Her knowledge of accounting and particularly construction accounting is very strong.

It is invaluable to me to be able to work through problems in real time one-on-one with her. My books are correct, they look very professional, I have already filed tax returns, and could not have done it without her.

Her fees are well justified to me so I can focus on what I know best — my business, not bookkeeping issues.

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Cost of quickbooks online vs desktop. QuickBooks Online vs Desktop: 9 Critical Differentiators


In contrast, QuickBooks Online users can contact customer service by phone or online easily. Following are some use cases that can make QuickBooks Online a better match for your company than QuickBooks Desktop:. Here are some additional reasons why using the QuickBooks Desktop may be more beneficial to your company:. Even though QuickBooks Online is user-friendly, there are a few challenges that customers may encounter:.

QuickBooks Desktop was created to allow you to wait until the end of the month to create reports to see how your business fared. However, when your company grows and expands, the old methods of keeping a finger on the pulse of your organization become obsolete. Other places where QuickBooks Desktop falls short include:. Ultimately, the size, use case, budget, and requirements of your company will be the decisive factors.

Regardless of the option you pick, this comprehensive article will assist you in making an informed decision throughout your search for the ideal accounting software.

This article provided a brief introduction to QuickBooks. More specifically it discussed the key differences between QuickBooks Online vs Desktop.

Many critical differentiators were explored to help you with QuickBooks Online vs Desktop decision. However, extracting complex data from a diverse set of data sources like CRMs, Project management Tools, Streaming Services, Marketing Platforms can be quite challenging. This is where a simpler alternative like Hevo can save your day! Hevo is fully automated and hence does not require you to code. You can also have a look at the unbeatable pricing that will help you choose the right plan for your business needs.

Share your experience with QuickBooks Online vs Desktop in the comments section below! Your email address will not be published. You may use these HTML tags and attributes:.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Skip to content. Its attractiveness among small firms is aided by a number of significant characteristics, including: Online Banking: When you link your bank account to QuickBooks Online, your bank transactions are instantly uploaded and categorized. It gathers all of your information in one place and makes it accessible whenever you need it.

The Accountant will review and verify all transactional information and bank statements, making the tax filing process straightforward and accurate. Payments and Cash Flow Management: You may be paid faster by delivering an invoice or statement to your customer and allowing them to pay you with a credit card or a bank transfer using the QuickBooks Payment System. You can pay your bills online with Quickbooks.

You can also download your monthly statement from a participating bank for increased convenience. Support: QuickBooks Professionals will answer all of your queries and provide you with unlimited free assistance. To help you become a QuickBooks expert, QuickBooks offers seminars, videos, an online community, and other resources.

Minimal Learning : Hevo, with its simple and interactive UI, is extremely simple for new customers to work on and perform operations. Hevo Is Built To Scale : As the number of sources and the volume of your data grows, Hevo scales horizontally, handling millions of records per minute with very little latency.

Incremental Data Load : Hevo allows the transfer of data that has been modified in real-time. This ensures efficient utilization of bandwidth on both ends. Live Support : The Hevo team is available round the clock to extend exceptional support to its customers through chat, email, and support calls. Live Monitoring : Hevo allows you to monitor the data flow and check where your data is at a particular point in time.

Simplify your Data Analysis with Hevo today! Image Source: Self. Try for free. Continue Reading. Become a Contributor You can contribute any number of in-depth posts on all things data. Write for Hevo. Leave a Reply Cancel Reply Your email address will not be published. Phone Number. Download Now. See our pricing section below for more information. Sharing with your tax pro: You can give an external accountant complete access to your QuickBooks Online company without it counting toward your maximum users.

Any changes made by your accountant must then be imported into your QuickBooks Desktop company file. QuickBooks Desktop has editions for construction, retail, professional services, manufacturing and wholesale, and nonprofit companies that include industry-specific reports and workflows.

When to Use QuickBooks Online QuickBooks Online offers more time-saving automation features than QuickBooks Desktop and integrates with third-party payment processors, allowing your customers to pay their invoices directly online. Aside from being our pick for the best accounting software for small businesses, QuickBooks Online is also our choice for the overall best farm accounting software and is included in our lists of the best church accounting software and best nonprofit accounting software.

Visit QuickBooks Online. QuickBooks Desktop is preferable for managing complex accounting needs, as its features are generally more developed than those of QuickBooks Online. QuickBooks Desktop excels with its industry-specific editions that include custom workflows and reports tailored to specific industries.

You should give QuickBooks Desktop serious consideration if your business is a retailer, manufacturer, wholesaler, professional service provider, construction contractor, or nonprofit. QuickBooks Desktop is also our choice for the best accounting software for farmers working with an independent bookkeeper or tax preparer.

Visit QuickBooks Desktop. Answer a few questions about your business, and we’ll give you a personalized product match. Despite the two programs having very similar features, we found notable differences between QuickBooks Online Plus and Desktop Premier in our internal case study. For example, in QuickBooks Desktop, you can only use one class per location to track account balances; with Plus, you can track your income and expenses across multiple locations.

Another notable difference we found in the project accounting category is that you cannot compare estimated to actual project costs in QuickBooks Online Plus. With Desktop Premier, you can compare your estimated costs to your actual expenses and revenue.

QuickBooks Online offers four pricing plans and each includes a set number of users. QuickBooks Desktop is available as a yearly subscription with an additional cost per user. To determine which version is best for you, read our comparison of QuickBooks Desktop products.

QuickBooks Desktop can be a good value for companies with only one user. For an in-depth analysis of the features of the online version, check out our QuickBooks Online review. You can read our detailed QuickBooks Desktop Premier review to learn more.

The other big advantage of QuickBooks Online is its calculation of sales tax based on the customer address. For businesses in the five specific industries with special editions, QuickBooks Desktop might be the best choice. However, you can download QuickBooks Desktop and install it on a single computer in a matter of minutes. The express setup takes about five to 10 minutes and requires some basic company information.

Follow our step-by-step guide if you plan to convert from QuickBooks Desktop to Online. We recommend that you spend as much time as possible setting up your company. Customer, vendor, and account details can be viewed by clicking on the left menu bar.

For instance, customer details, including what they owe you, can be viewed by clicking on Sales and then Customers:. All transactions in QuickBooks Online can be initiated by clicking the New button above the left menu bar and selecting from the menu of transactions:. Creating New Transactions in Quickbooks Online. QuickBooks Desktop offers a multitude of ways to navigate, but the easiest way for beginners is through the home page.

Vendor, customer, or employee details can be viewed by clicking on the appropriate tab while transactions can be initiated by clicking on the corresponding icon.

The home page displays the most essential functions, including Vendors, Customers, Employees, and Banking. Each function includes respective icons that allow you to access and perform certain transactions easily, such as Enter Bills for vendors, Create Invoices for customers, and Enter Time for employees. The QuickBooks Desktop home page looks like this:. Takeaway: QuickBooks Online is generally easier to use than QuickBooks Desktop, as it has a more streamlined user interface.

QuickBooks Online users who need professional bookkeeping assistance can purchase an add-on called QuickBooks Live Bookkeeping. Your dedicated bookkeeper will manage your books and provide month-end reports.

Takeaway: If you need more automation features through integration with various third-party tools, QuickBooks Online is a clear choice.

In terms of mobile accounting, QuickBooks Online is the clear winner, as Desktop has a very limited mobile app. QuickBooks Online has a mobile application that includes nearly all the features of the online browser version, plus other functions like receipt capture and mileage tracking. QuickBooks Online made our list of the best mobile accounting apps. You can download the app on Google Play or the App Store. QuickBooks Online and Desktop both have a large, searchable, online database of questions and answers available to anyone.

Both QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop give you access to a large number of independent QuickBooks ProAdvisors that you can hire to help you get started and keep things in order. QuickBooks Desktop is harder to share.

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