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It also enables advanced search and filtering through multiple search boxes, pre-built filters, and charts. QuickBooks Pro Plus is a subscription product that costs a little more than the one-time license fee you pay for QuickBooks Pro, but QuickBooks Pro Plus offers mobile access, unlimited phone support, online backups, and always-up-to-date software. Open the QuickBooks installer window quickbooks accountant desktop 2015 clicking on the installed application. Show More Show Less. Step 2 – How to get accuntant quickbooks accountant desktop 2015 and product numbers If you own a soft copy of the product, you will receive a confirmation email with your license and product numbers. Step 2 – How to get your license and как сообщается здесь numbers. The expense tracker can generate all the details of your vendors in a single place.


– Quickbooks accountant desktop 2015


There’s also live online events, interactive content, certification prep materials, and more. Thousands of small companies and nonprofit organizations turn to QuickBooks to keep their finances on track. And over the years, Intuit has introduced various editions of the program to satisfy the needs of different types of companies. And with each new version, Intuit has added enhancements and features to make your workflow smoother and faster.

The challenge is knowing what to do according to accounting rules, and how to do it in Quickbooks accountant desktop 2015. Insights tab in the Home quickbooks 2013 download credit. In previous versions of QuickBooks, the Home window contained, well, the Home Page, which shows bookkeeping workflow and helps you access the QuickBooks features you use most often.

In QuickBooksthe Home window has two tabs at its top left. You can click the arrows on either side of this panel to view other high-level graphs, such as a comparison between the current year and the previous year, top customers by sales, and trends in income and expenses. The bottom half of the Quickbooks accountant desktop 2015 tab displays more details about your income and expenses.

On the left, the Income section is like a mini Income Tracker described next, and covered in detail on Receivables Aging ; it lets you quickly scan totals for unpaid invoices, overdue invoices, and customer payments received in the past 30 days. And the Expenses list and pie chart on the right help you identify where you spend the most money. Income Tracker upgrades. Income Tracker Receivables Aging boasts a couple of helpful enhancements.

Updated Reminders window. The Reminders window Reminders has a new look. If a category is collapsed, click the flippy triangle next to its edsktop to show each reminder in that section. To collapse a quickboiks, click the flippy triangle to hide its individual reminders. Pinned notes. For example, say you create a note about an issue a customer has with an order. You can pin that note in the Customer Center so that, whenever you select that customer in the Customer Center, the note is easy to spot.

New report formatting. The rows for desmtop categories are перейти на источник gray, lower-level category rows are shaded beige, and rows with totals are shaded light gray. Updated online payments. Big changes for online payments were still in the works when this book was written. When you run a business or a nonprofityou track company finances for two reasons: to keep your business running smoothly and to generate the reports required by the IRS, SEC, and anyone else you have to answer to.

QuickBooks quickbooks accountant desktop 2015 you perform basic financial tasks, track your financial situation, and manage your business to make it even better. Work with more than 14, unique inventory items or 14, contact names.

QuickBooks Pro and Premier company files can hold up to 14, inventory items and a combined total of up to 14, customer, vendor, employee, and other Other Names List names. In the QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions edition of the program, the number of names is virtually unlimited. Track personal finances. In addition to opening a separate checking account for your business, you should also accouuntant your personal finances somewhere else like in Quicken.

If you /7647.txt decide to use QuickBooks, at least create a separate company file for your personal financial info. Track the performance of stocks and bonds. Of course, companies quickbooks accountant desktop 2015 in things like equipment and office buildings, and you should track investments such as these in QuickBooks.

However, in QuickBooks, they show up as assets of your company Creating an Account. Manage specialized details about customer relationships. Lots of information goes into keeping customers happy. With QuickBooks, you can stay on top of customer activities with features like to-dos, notes, reminders, and memorized transactions. You can also keep track of leads before they turn into customers. But if you need to track details for thousands of members or customers, items sold on consignment, project progress, or tasks related to managing projects, a customer-management program or a program like Microsoft Excel or Access might be a better solution.

Some third-party customer-management programs integrate with QuickBooks Managing Leads. QuickBooks comes in a gamut of editions, offering options for organizations at both ends of the small-business spectrum. QuickBooks Pro handles the basic needs of most businesses, accountang Enterprise Solutions the most robust and powerful edition of QuickBooks boasts enhanced features and speed for the biggest of small businesses.

Likewise, features vary in the desktop editions for different countries; this book desktpo the U. This book focuses on QuickBooks Pro because its balance of features and qhickbooks makes it the most popular edition. QuickBooks Online Simple Start is a low-cost online option for small businesses with very simple accounting needs and quickboks one person running QuickBooks at a time.

QuickBooks Online Essentials allows up to three people to run QuickBooks at a time and lets quickbooks accountant desktop 2015 connect to as many bank or credit card accounts as you want. As its name suggests, it offers essential features like automated invoicing, entering bills, and controlling what users can access.

QuickBooks Pro is the workhorse desktop sesktop. It lets up to three people work on a company file at a time and includes features for tasks such детальнее на этой странице invoicing; entering and paying bills; job costing; creating estimates; saving and distributing reports and forms as email attachments; creating budgets; projecting cash flow; tracking mileage; customizing forms; quickbooks accountant desktop 2015 prices with price levels; printing shipping labels; and integrating with Word, Quickbooks accountant desktop 2015, and hundreds of other programs.

Other lists, like the chart of accounts, can uqickbooks up to quickbooks accountant desktop 2015, entries each. Читать статью Pro Plus is a subscription product that costs a little more than the one-time license fee you pay for QuickBooks Pro, but QuickBooks Pro Plus offers mobile access, unlimited phone support, online desltop, and always-up-to-date software.

Similarly, QuickBooks Premier Plus is the premier version of the subscription product. QuickBooks Premier is another multi-user edition up to five simultaneous users. It can handle inventory items assembled from other items and components, generate purchase orders from quickbooks accountant desktop 2015 orders and estimates, apply price levels to individual items, export report templates, produce budgets and forecasts, quickbooks accountant desktop 2015 work with different units of measure for items.

Plus, it offers enhanced invoicing for time and expenses, and includes a few extra features like reversing journal entries. When you purchase QuickBooks Premier, you can choose from six quickbooks accountant desktop 2015 industry-specific flavors see the next section.

Like the Pro edition, Quickbokks can handle a combined total of up to 14, name list entries. Enterprise Solutions is quickbooks accountant desktop 2015 edition for midsized operations. Up to 30 people can access a company file at the same time, and this simultaneous access is at least twice as fast as in the Pro or Premier edition. It can track inventory in multiple warehouses or stores and produce quifkbooks reports for those companies and locations. And because more people can use your company file at once, quickbooks accountant desktop 2015 edition has features such as an enhanced audit trail, more options for assigning or limiting user permissions, and the ability to delegate administrative functions to the other people using the program.

Your local office supply store, Amazon, and any number of other retail outlets usually offer the program at a discount. If you buy QuickBooks from Intuit, you pay full price, but you also have 60 days to return the program for a full refund. If you work in quickbooks accountant desktop 2015 of the industries covered by QuickBooks Premier, you can get additional features unique to your industry. When you install QuickBooks Premier, you choose the industry version you want to run.

If your business is in an industry other than one of the five options, choose General Business. It lets you run any QuickBooks edition Pro or quickbooks accountant desktop 2015 of the Premier versions.

The General Business edition has Premier goodies like per-item price levels, sales orders, and so on. It also has sales edsktop expense forecasting, the Inventory Center, more built-in reports than QuickBooks Pro, and a business plan feature. Its chart of accounts and menus are customized for manufacturing and wholesale operations. You can use it to manage inventory assembled from components and to track customer return merchandise authorizations RMAs and damaged goods.

If you run a nonprofit organization, you know that several things work differently in the nonprofit world, as the box on Accounting Basics: The Important Stuff details.

The Nonprofit edition of QuickBooks includes features such as a chart of accounts customized for nonprofits, forms and letters targeted to donors and pledges, info about using the program for nonprofits, quickbooks accountant desktop 2015 the ability to generate Statement of Functional Expenses forms.

The Professional Services edition not to be confused with QuickBooks Pro is designed for companies that deliver services to their quickbooks accountant desktop 2015. Unique features include project-costing reports, templates for proposals and invoices, billing rates that you can customize by client or employee, and professional service—specific reports and help. The Retail edition is customized for retail businesses. It includes specialized menus, reports, forms, and help, as well as a custom chart desktp accounts.

Intuit offers companion products that you can integrate with this edition to support all aspects of your retail operation. As long as funding comes primarily from unrestricted sources, the Pro edition will work reasonably well. 20015 that case, QuickBooks Premier Nonprofit might be a real timesaver. Double-entry accounting is the standard method for tracking where your money перейти на источник from and where it goes.

For example, as shown in Table 1when you sell something to a customer, the money on your invoice comes in as income and goes into your Accounts Receivable account. Quixkbooks, when you deposit the payment, the money comes out of the Accounts Receivable account and goes into your checking account.

Quickbooks accountant desktop 2015 Chapter 16 for more about double-entry accounting and journal entries. Each side of a double-entry transaction is either a debit or a credit. As you can see in Table 1when you sell products or services, you credit your income account since your income increases when you sell somethingbut debit the Accounts Receivable account because selling something also increases how much customers owe you.

Chart of quickbooks accountant desktop 2015. In zccountant, an account is a place to store money, just like your real-world checking account is a place to store your ready cash. The difference is that you need an account for each kind of income, expense, asset, and liability you have. See Chapter 3 to learn about all the different types of accounts you might use.

Cash vs. Cash accountany accrual are the two different ways companies can document how much they make and spend. The accrual method, on the other hand, follows something known as the matching principle quickbooks accountant desktop 2015, which matches revenue with the corresponding expenses. This approach keeps income and expenses linked to the period quickbooks accountant desktop 2015 which they happened, no matter when cash comes in or goes out. The advantage of this method is that it provides a better picture of profitability because quickbooks accountant desktop 2015 and its corresponding expenses appear in the same period.

For example, if you pay employees in January for work they did in December, those wages are part of the previous fiscal year. Financial reports.


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Suite Tigard, OR You can prevent your essential add-on services from becoming obsolete by upgrading to QuickBooks Desktop If you continue to use QuickBooks , Intuit live technical support will no longer be able to provide support to you if an issue arises within your product or data file.

If you are using 3rd party applications that integrate with your QuickBooks, it is highly recommended that you upgrade. This is due to the fact that providers require Intuit support and development to sustain compatibility with QuickBooks products. The evolution of tech tools for business are essential to continued innovation, growth, and efficiency. Intuit continues to pursue better software and tools for its customers based on this overarching reality.

If you need to upgrade, you can find the best deals on QuickBooks products at our online store. You must be logged in to post a comment. Talk with an Expert. Need Help? Phone: Find an Advisor. However, if you are using an accountant, you should check with them to make sure you set up the accounts needed for your business. If you are doing this yourself, just use the setup questions and the software will help you set up the right accounts.

Plus, you can always add accounts later if you missed setting up any at the beginning. You can set up accounts “on the fly. Without leaving the “receive bills” function you can add the company to your vendor list. The same goes for adding inventory items, new customers, and so on. As I said, I have been using Quickbooks for some time. If you are relatively new to business accounting I have a suggestion you might like to try.

Quickbooks allows you to set up more than one company. You might want to set up a “test” version of your company alongside the real business. I found when I first started using the software that I wasn’t always sure what would happen when I performed a certain function. By setting up a fake company with just a few of the accounts and some of the data for instance, just a few inventory items and customers you can always test a scenario with the fake data to see what it does before making the entries in your actual company.

I found that certain entries are very difficult to correct, and by seeing what they will do in the test company first you can avoid making an entry with real data that will cause you problems. For example, I use a credit card for many business purchases but I was not handling the entries properly. When it came time to pay the credit card the transactions were not where they were supposed to be.

It took quite a bit of work and a lot of anxiety to get the transactions corrected. If you go to the Quickbooks web site, it aims you at setting up your books in the cloud and paying a monthly fee for the software. If your volume is high enough, you may want to consider that option.

My business has a very low volume it is a part time business and this option would have cost me most of my monthly profit. By purchasing this software and installing it on my computer, I will amortize the cost in just a few months and after that it will cost me nothing. For me, at least, there is no need to upgrade to the new version of Quickbooks every year. For you and your business, it may be different.

Read full review. I love Quickbooks, but I don’t consider it to be very user-friendly. I had experience using it and liked it, which is why I bought it. For those who don’t need all the “bells and whistles” in Quickbooks, I would recommend Quicken. It is not that much different than the that I was using except the is not compatible with Windows It was a struggle to get everything transferred but once I got it figured out, I am good to go.

Thank you. When the package arrived, it truly was a new program in an unopened box. I had no problem whatsoever in installing the program and did not even need the additional link just in case.

It was such a good deal, I ordered another one for my daughter who just started up a new business in this new year. Skip to main content.

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