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Any bursaries, internships and learnerships available are posted on our website or the mother website www.mbuyelocoal.com. Please keep close watch on these should you be interested to learn and work at Mbuyelo. However, we give preference to the surrounding mining community should any of these be available.

Before we begin, have you applied for a job at Mbuyelo, the mine or headoffice? Secondly, we would not text anyone for an interview. You would be notified telephonically or via email of such a development. Please be wary of scam artists who request money for job possibilities, do not pay ANYONE for a job. That is illegal and deserves reporting.

You can apply online at www.mbuyelocoal.com under our “CAREERS” page for any available and potential posts.

Please check the posts available and use the email address linked to the post advertised. Otherwise, please fill in the form under CAREERS and upload your cv there.

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