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Stay compliant, grow your business, and pay your team. Customize job descriptions, onboarding checklists, and employee handbooks, and boost your employees’ performance.

Get up-to-date info on state and federal wage and overtime laws at no extra cost and learn the ins and outs of hiring, termination, and everything in between. Tackle your most critical HR issues and get custom handbooks and policies created just for you.

Call a Mineral, Inc. Content is created by HR professionals at Mineral, Inc. All consultations are confidential and unlimited. Just remember, all advice is not considered legal or tax advice.

However, you can only speak to an HR advisor if you have Elite. Your accountant will not be able to access HR services through your account.

As a party of one, you can confidently take a vacation to Fort Lauderdale when you feel like it, choose your own employee benefitsand only worry about yourself. Everything changes hr software that integrates with quickbooks desktop you hire 1 or 2 full-time employees.

Consider this your crash course in HR management for small and medium-sized businesses. What you may not know is that HR is in charge of every aspect of employee relations, including:. This broad category of HR covers hiring to firing, and everything in between. If several new hires start at once, you might consider a formal new employee orientation—a more casual onboarding session will work, too. Make sure you never overlook the importance of having them feel part of the team right away.

Once employees are up and running, you or your HR team should create an enriching work environment that continues to hr software that integrates with quickbooks desktop them motivated and challenged.

They also need to connect them with professional development opportunities. A number of other perks and benefits are often offered today. Some increasingly popular ones include:. The list hr software that integrates with quickbooks desktop potential hr software that integrates with quickbooks desktop is endless.

Start small and make additions as more new hires come on board. As your company grows, survey them and see what benefits are most valued. Other than strong professional development opportunities and competitive benefits and salary, a positive work environment means you need to have a happy work culture.

Most also appreciate transparency. Also provide accessibility to management at all levels. To do so you must resolve disputes or issues immediately. Many employees actively seek a small or medium-sized because they want to feel a sense of belonging.

Staying compliant is more than just planning activities and keeping employees engaged. As the acting HR specialist, you need to be familiar with a wide variety of laws. These include:. Whether you have one employee or just hired team member No. Your handbook should include job descriptions and summaries of policies for areas that include expected work hours and absences, vacation policy, salary and commission structure, benefits, dress code, information technology, and repercussions for employee infractions.

A handbook serves as a backup HR department. Your HR department is liable to evolve along with your company. Whether you hire an HR specialist who handles the function in-house or you outsource it to a reputable company, a robust HR function is essential for your company as it expands. HR and benefits can be an intimidating topic for a small business owner. You have to navigate federal and local employment laws, avoid cumbersome fees and fines, ensure your policies are both compliant and beneficial to your company, all while providing enough benefits to your employees to keep them happy.

Some creativity in your HR and benefits packages can help you attract high-performing employees and incentivize them to grow your business. It addresses 5 key areas:.

Discrimination is the No. This includes unintentional discrimination. Studies show that diverse workforces are more productive and achieve more than just legal compliance. Build your team with a focus on different backgrounds that can lead to a competitive advantage. You owe independent contractors only what you contractually agree to. Independent contractors are attractive because business owners have no obligation to withhold taxes, pay benefits, track hours, pay minimum wage, nor any other obligations that an employer owes its employees.

However, in recent years, state governments and the federal government have heavily scrutinized independent contractor classifications. Many independent contractors have been granted employee status, leaving employers with large penalties. Depending on the state, courts have issued different tests to determine hr software that integrates with quickbooks desktop a worker is an independent contractor or an employee.

California, for example, has specifically stated that independent contractors who rely on a company as their primary source of income, must re-classify those contractors as W-2 employees. Most of the tests use the concept of control as the deciding factor. No single factor automatically creates employee status. In most cases, the burden of proving independent contractor status falls on the business. Keep this in mind when classifying a worker. Employees are either non-exempt or exempt.

Non-exempt employees are paid hourly. You must ensure that their time is tracked correctly, and overtime is paid for any time worked beyond 40 hours in any given workweek. Most employees are non-exempt. There are hr software that integrates with quickbooks desktop employee categories considered exempt from minimum wage and overtime laws:. You are responsible for tracking time and hr software that integrates with quickbooks desktop employees per their classification, not the employee.

Misclassification leads to lawsuits. If you treat non-exempt employees as exempt employees, you risk paying back wages, taxes, penalties, interest, and attorneys fees for your misclassification. Proper classification and wage compliance are challenging. But, if you get creative with compensation, you can rally employees around your mission and increase productivity.

Wages are traditionally limited to an hourly rate or salary. But, alternative compensation models include profit sharing, equity, and performance-based bonus programs. Unlike standard wages, you can base these alternative compensation models on the overall success of the company.

If the company is successful, employees earn more money. Structure bonus programs so employees focus on company performance. Think beyond monetary compensation. Set up social spaces, ping-pong tables,and reading rooms. Company culture is an attractive alternative to cash посмотреть еще. A Glassdoor study found that a positive culture is more valuable quickbooks file doctor tool download many employees than compensation and benefits.

Keep this in mind when considering your compensation strategy. Policies and procedures are standard in any modern business. The list of such policies is hr software that integrates with quickbooks desktop, and it continues to grow:. However, laws prohibit employers from думаю, quickbooks desktop purchase order эта against employees for protected characteristics or facilitating a hostile work environment full of harassment.

As a result, many hr software that integrates with quickbooks desktop set expectations for the company and employees through policies. While such policies aim to comply with bank of america download to quickbooks law, they risk unintentionally violating other laws. Keeping policies current with legal changes and consistently enforcing policies are difficult goals to achieve. Follow 2 best practices when it comes to company policies:. Move beyond the tension that creating and maintaining legally-compliant policies causes, and your policies can strategically promote your company as an attractive place to work.

Consider time off and vacation policies. Many employers have eliminated time off and vacation policies. This aggressive approach to time off could be enough to win quality employees from other companies, even if you offer less salary. Remote work policies are another policy-driven attraction to the modern workforce. Do you have positions that can be performed remotely?

If so, your employees may appreciate working from their desired location, during the hours that best suit their lifestyle. Policies can be painful to manage. Focus on employee satisfaction and policies become an opportunity to win the trust and dedication of employees. The Affordable Care Act ACA or Obamacare has become the most popular and controversial benefit-related legal compliance issues in the past few years. While the ACA continues to be the most discussed topic in benefits compliance, HR professionals must keep many benefit-related laws in mind.

Others include:. If you think you may be required to offer benefits under any law, or допускаете update browser in quickbooks desktop моему offer benefit plans that might be governed by law, consult an expert to ensure compliance. The penalties associated with non-compliance far outweigh the cost of a consultation.

Healthcare and retirement benefits are strictly regulated by law. However, many benefits or perks fall outside the scope of federal and state laws. Such perks both free and paid help attract and retain employees.


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Hr software that integrates with quickbooks desktop

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