Manungu Own and Operate

Manungu Own and Operate

At the crack of dawn, a team of ten were up and on their way to Manungu Colliery (-
later “Manungu”) for one of Mbuyelo’s systematic site visits. Manungu is one of the
company’s large reserves located in Delmas, Mpumalanga.

With a contractor, a mine has no control over the execution, but since Manungu Colliery started mining for itself, it has had complete control over the production outcome. Now the mine has its own employees and own equipment. Within two months of operating, the mine crushed their production record for the last 6years! “The mine is doing so well, that we had to ask the Manungu operational team to slow down, something that is unheard of,” commented Kervin Mthombeni, Mbuyelo Coal Chief Financial Officer. Manungu Colliery has acquired machinery in the form of 777 trucks; D11 dozers; D10 dozers and excavators. The equipment at Manungu is indeed of a high magnitude, because of the size of the mine. Manungu is an opencast operation, with an estimated 410million resources. The life of mine is measured at a hearty 30years.

Like every business, the corona virus pandemic put a strain on the operation, and it made it immensely challenging to switch to an “own and operate”, but with the team working so tirelessly on the project, they overcame the hurdle.

Manungu Colliery had been running on what is affectionately known as a “boot crushing and screening plant” in the mining industry. This was a five year contract with Fraser Alexander to build, operate and then transfer the crushing and screening plant. Manungu is happy to declare that it has concluded that contract, and effectively does its own crushing and screening.

What a year 2020 has been for Mbuyelo Coal.

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