Manungu Safety Day 2022

The 10th of March was a particularly special day as Manungu Colliery celebrated their Safety and Wellness Day for the year 2022. The hall was packed with proud Mbuyelo members, all adorned in their uniform attire, beaming from ear-to-ear.

The program was filled with wholesome speakers who each had plenty to contribute to this brilliant event. After the ever so zealous Mr. Sello Monnanyana, Manungu GM, handed the microphone over to pastor Mokatu who blessed the event, it was fireworks from then on with presentations and speeches from all sectors of the mining industry- including DMRE’s own Mr. Coetzee.

Program director Jenny Modise hyped the team up and kept them entertained with her amazing people skills; Chief Safety Officer Council Gumede congratulated everyone on a job well done; SAPS’s own constable Masuku spoke frankly on the topic of GBV, and Ms. Phumelele Ndumo made ‘money talk’ a pleasantly easy topic for all. Just when we thought the day could not get better, Mbuyelo Group CEO, Mr. Rirhandzu Owner Siweya, graced the event with heartwarmingly motivational words that had the crowd in awe as they listened attentively at his every word. “It’s a great honour to be standing before you all today, as we give special focus and pay special respect to wellness, health and safety in a mining environment,” Mr. Siweya told the dedicated Manungu team. He shared memories of when Manungu was nothing but a pipe dream, to what it is today. The Manungu team were beyond inspired by Mr. Siweya’s humble approach to life, despite his visibly mounting success. Nyathela Arts Work had the crowd in stitches as they drove the message of safety home in a way that will have it etched in their memories forever.

Sometimes it takes getting away from the workplace to press the reset button and get motivated again about your job. Events such as these bring individuals together and remind them what a valuable asset they are to the Company.

There are plenty of projects Manungu is busy with- both for the community and for its own members- most not even mentioned publicly. We are super proud of our members and are assured that the initiative will have a far-reaching effect in promoting wellness, health and safety within the Manungu Colliery working environment.

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