Mavhungwani continues to grow

Mavhungwani continues to grow

Mavungwani Colliery has a resource of about 38 000 000 million tonnes which covers an area of 22 000 hectares. The Mining Right over the Western part of the Colliery expires in May 2022 and is in the process of being extended.

The Mining Right over the East of the colliery expires in August 2044. Mavungwani Colliery (“Mavungwani”) has been working on a BOOT (a term in the mining industry referring to the building, operating and finally, transferring) on a wash-plant with a well-known Fraser Alexander, who have been providing customised solutions to the mining industry since 1912.

Currently Fraser Alexander own and operate the highest number of coal wash plants of any independent contracting company in South Africa. “Mavungwani is proud to announce that as of the 16th of December, the Processing plant which was previously constructed and operated by Fraser Alexander on a BOOT basis, will be transferred to Mavungwani Colliery” exclaimed Hentie Hoffman, Mbuyelo Coal Chief Operating Officer (COO). The capacity of the plant is 400 tons per hour, 250 000 tonnes per month. It is a single stage multi product plant which produces Eskom grade Coal, Export A and B grade Coal, and inland A and B grade Coal. This is absolutely great news for Mbuyelo Coal.

In other news at Mavhungwani, Mbuyelo Mining Contractors (“MMC”) has been brought in as a contractor to take over some of the pits in Mavhungwani. This is purely to de-risk the project from one contractor because of the magnitude of the mine. MMC now work in conjunction with a very well-known and trusted contractor, ALS Group, to allow for maximum production of the operation. Each contractor can now concentrate on their respective pits. “MMC was brought in to take over only certain pits which helps …” commented Hentie Hoffman, Mbuyelo Coal Chief Operating Officer (COO).

On the 1st of February 2020 Mavungwani Colliery contracted with Mbuyelo Mining Contractors (MMC) to conduct opencast truck and shovel operations at the Eastern part of the Colliery. MMC has experience of opencast mining going back since 2011. MMC is 100% owned by the Mbuyelo Group and has the capacity to mine 810 000 cubic metres per month. MMC employs 250 employees at Mavungwani Colliery. The equipment deployed by MMC consists of 27 X ADT’s, 3 X RDT’s, 7 X Excavators, 3 X production Dozers of which 2 are D9’s and 1 D10. There are 2 X D8 Dozers, 2 X Graders, a service truck, a Diesel Bowser, a Water Bowser and 2 X Front end Loaders.”

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