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At the time I upgraded two of my company files. It was quickbooks pro 2020 help little “dicey” since they were upgrading from a much older version QB but after chugging away, they upgraded without a problem. Recently my accountant asked me to pull a report from a 3rd company file that hadn’t yet been upgraded. Quickbooks pro 2020 help figured follow the same process, no problem. Quickbooks chugged away and then DIED!!

I tried running the tool hub to fix the company file, then the program file, but nothing. I tried de-installing and re–installing Quickbooks pro 2020 help and still nothing. What happens is that QB looks like it’s going to launch, but then dies half-way through the launch sequence.

It never even gets to the part where it asks what company I want to work with. I talked to Intuit L1 support and after troubleshooting, they couldn’t figure it out. They said they’d have Level посетить страницу tech support call me back, and no-one has called.

I’m not going to worry about the old file anymore. I just need to get QB back up and running again. Hi there, szucker. It’s nice to see you posting your concern here in QuickBooks Community. I appreciate you for performing pgo troubleshooting steps to fix the issue and for the detailed quickbooks pro 2020 help about your concern. I’ll ensure you’re able to pull quickbooks pro 2020 help report from a 3rd company file to give it to your accountant.

First, I suggest посетить страницу источник your 3rd company file or move it to your local hard drive.

Quicmbooks, restore your company file in QuickBooks Desktop from there. For additional information, you can refer to this article: Restore a backup of your company file. They have hepp tools to pull up your account to investigate the cause of the issue. Please check this здесь to see the new features offers in using Quickbookd Desktop Pro and Premier and Enterprise Please know that you’re always welcome to post if you have any other concerns.

Wishing you and your business continued success. Thanks so much for helo response, but unfortunately there’s a problem with your instructions. It’s not that I’m having a problem accessing company file 3. As I said in quickbioks note, once I tried to open that older company file, the Quickbooks Desktop Pro app blew up quicbkooks and nothing I could do – would get it to run. I tried working with your Level 1 support team, but after running the same steps I did, they gave up and told me I would need Level 2 and they would have someone contact me.

I even tried doing a system restore back to a restore point the day prior to the upgrade, but it was unsuccessful. I’m at a loss and could really use some help. Again – at this point I don’t care about Company File 3. You’ve already done the basic steps that we share from here. I would recommend contacting our Support teamso they жмите use rpo tools to check this further.

I could understand if I was asking for help with a specialized application i. Quickboks for RealEstatequickbolks I needed them to perform a specialized task, like quickbooks pro 2020 help a file or teach me somethingbut for me to tell them “the application crashed and won’t reinstall” and for them to say “sorry but that sounds complicated Oh – I forgot to add – I asked the call center person – so if I pay this fee, they will absolutely work on this until they fix it – correct?

Because if I’m paying that much, I need this to work. At which point she put me back suickbooks hold again for 10 minutes and then hung up. For some reason I don’t think this problem is going to be solved by Intuit.

Unless any community members have any suggestions, I may need quickbooks pro 2020 help purchase different accounting software. Ideas folks?? I assumed something wasn’t running in “safe” mode that was needed. So I did prl “normal” reboot, but at that point DP would not launch.

It looked like it was starting And would not show as running – even in the quickbooks pro 2020 help in Task Mgr. I combed through pgo Intuit DP support I could find and discovered some potential firewall blocks – so I manually added them as exceptions one-by-one. Finally I shut off all of bitdefender’s virus читать далее firewall protections – /27485.txt nothing.

And then I shut off all startup services quuickbooks than those I knew were required quickbokos and again – no quickbooks pro 2020 help. Hep – I’ve basically invested numerous hours here with no answers in sight. I’m definitely going to download DP trial version to see if that fixes things, but truthfully I’m not optimistic. Have a good night and I’ll let you know in the morning what I find when I try and implement it.

Wow – I truly did not think this had even the tiniest chance of working After hours of time wasted pursuing significantly more complicated troubleshooting options, the answer was ridiculously simple. I installed the Desktop Pro trial of no problems AT ALL – the only step I took was disabling virus protection and the firewall during the install. The software immediately launched – accessed my company files on OneDrive and would have upgraded читать had I смотрите подробнее quickbooks pro 2020 help.

I quiclbooks need any new features I just need the product to work. And Intuit – if you 20220 monitoring this, which I believe you typically are since you approve these posts – Uqickbooks would appreciate if you would contact me and let me know how I can update my license to a licensed ссылка repurchasing the software download quickbooks desktop premier trial – download quickbooks desktop premier trial of course you quickbooks pro 2020 help help me figure out how to get the version to work, which would be fine with me as well.

Don’t uninstall yet the trial license of QBD You may running both versions at the same time to isolate any issue. First on my own and then with L1 Intuit Quuckbooks Support. It didn’t work either time. I even did a “safe boot with networking” re-install. That was the first time i was able to get to actually launch without crashing, but it wouldn’t access any of my company files.

That’s what I meant when I said I had been going through exhaustive levels of troubleshooting. But when I rebooted back into “normal” mode, wouldn’t launch. And it was a clean, freshly downloaded copy.

So – I pri giving up and talking to other accounting program mfrs until I got your suggestion. But is a non-starter. The challenge is I haven’t heard from Intuit So I’m not sure where to go from here Am hoping Intuit reaches out and works with me because otherwise I’ve got to find an alternative.

I know you’ve called in before. However, I still suggest getting in touch with us again. This way, we can check your case and its updates. You can arrange a callback quickbooks pro 2020 help a live agent. This way, someone will call you back.

Here’s how:. We’ll be right quckbooks to help you. Take care! One thing I need to be clear about. Desktop Pro will not launch, hellp if you read the detailed notes you will see all the steps that have previously been taken quickbooks pro 2020 help support to troubleshoot this.

I just want to make sure when I select Talk to a Specialist hepl they too will be quicckbooks to quickbooks pro 2020 help the case along with the detailed description of all the prior troubleshooting completed to date and we’ll be able to move quickbookks from there. Your L1 support techs already confirmed that this is not something they are qualified to handle, but quickbooks pro 2020 help they weren’t authorized to pass me on to L2. It would help a great deal to know that if I follow the uqickbooks, the Specialist I speak with will either be able to resolve my case, pdo will be able to pass quickbooks pro 2020 help on to whoever I need to speak with to resolve this.

As you said in your hel, we both want this resolved – preferably перейти на источник quickly and painlessly as possible!

I understand quickbooks pro 2020 help you need this to be fixed as soon as possible. Yes, our Support Team can review all your cases and they’ll be able to escalate them. They have quickbooka the tools needed to see what has been done already. Quickbooks pro 2020 help addition, you can still use the QuickBooks Desktop Pro in contacting them. Though читать далее having issues with your file, you can use the sample file instead. Once you’re able to open it, follow Kristine Mae’s steps.

Thank you Alex but you missed what I said in my messages. Not to be difficult but clearly this message is not coming across, so I’m going to say this one more time here:. It crashes on startup. I will try one last time to arrange a call with the Intuit technical support team. Hopefully we will be able to get this resolved.

Thank you! Let me help you contact our support team.



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