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How to Enable Local User and Groups in Windows 11/10 Home

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Today, one of my reader mailed me that he tried this fix on Windows 8. The reason was not working of Local Users and Groups snap-in. When he try to access this snap-in, he received following error:.

See specifically : MMC could not create the snap-in. The snap-in might not have been installed correctly. So how to access Local Users and Groups snap-in then? Well, there exists a feasible way, using which you can add this snap-in windows 10 home local users and groups this snapin may not be used free to the functionality of Windows. After doing so, the snap-in wont counter issues and works fine, here is how to make it working again:. First of all make sure that others snap-ins like Group PolicySecurity Policy etc.

This will take you to Management Console window. Finally in the Choose Target Machine window, click Finish. You may close the Management Console window now and verify the results. To manage user accounts for this computer, use the User Accounts tool in the Control Panel. As indicated by my results when following your instructions, I was of the opinion that the lusrmgr. In my opinion, this has been a long-term pain in the ass — as the only tangible reasons for me to purchase a Professional Windows version would be access to this snap-in and of course the Local Group Policy Editor.

I tried this fix and when I clicked finish it told me the same thing again. This should be noted at the outset. NEVER install 8 or 8. Assets affinity designer ipad for 10 as Windows 8 is the new Vista.

To manage user accounts for this computer, use the User Accounts tool in control panel. I wish people would abandon Windows altogether for a better and free software alternative. Hi I have tried this however still getting the snap message and could not add the local user can you please help. And now you can all see why I prefer Linux operating systems. They have no right to make it so hard for users to utilize their hardware the way they want to!

My lap is Hp notebook windows 10 home. Apparantly micrsoft added some extra bugs in the home to pro upgrade wizard…. I am experiencing the same thing as Joseph. Local Users and Groups missing. I also upgraded a machine to windows 10 pro and cannot load this snap-in. Hope to see it fixed in upcoming future updates. Anyone have a fix yet? Did you get a refund from Microsoft?

I have Windows 10 Pro and this still does not work. I had upgraded from Windows 7 Pro to Windows 10 Pro with the free upgrade and had to reinstall Windows 10, the Media Creation Tool has a glitch in it that forces you to use the Windows 10 Home ISO download, then use the previous Windows version product key to upgrade to Pro.

I do not know if this has anything to продолжить with not being able to put this snap in on. The fix for this issue is to reapply the upgrade windows 10 home local users and groups this snapin may not be used free Windows 10 Pro. I completed this successfully by completing the following:.

Download an iso by using the microsoft. If Mount does not appear, right click the file, select properties and click change and select File Explorer. The Mount option should now appear. After the iso as mounting run setup. No personal files or programs will be effected.

This will take approximately 1 hour and Local Users and Groups will now be available. All this discussion of you must have Pro versions … using Win windows 10 home local users and groups this snapin may not be used free Home here.

Go to control panel, open user accounts, click manage another account, click add a new user in pc settings … then the new window opens, click on add someone else to this pc and the mmc comes up and you get that snapin may not be used with this edition of windows Why is this feature broken?

How can I add another user? I ask that question for the not so savvy computer owners. This is the second computer I have run into with this problem in that last month. Unable to add a new user. One such work around. The new user will be setup with Users permissions. To адрес страницы that new account an admin, highlight the user, click properties and then choose the group membership tab.

Select administrator and click apply. All done. Log out and log back in with your new user account to finish settings it up. Sir It still says- this snapin may not be used with this edition of windows To manage user account for this computer, подробнее на этой странице the user accounts tool in the control panel.

I have administrative rights and have added people before with no problem. Now I get the same error message that is mentioned.

Is there no fix for this??????? If you are using Home, there is a program Netplwiz. You will either need to type it in to the search box, or browse to По ссылке where you will find it.

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Windows 10 home local users and groups this snapin may not be used free.How to Enable Local User and Group Management (lusrmgr.msc) Console in Windows 10 Home


Local user and group management lusrmgr. The basic purpose of local user management is to assign rights to different users and groups on a computer. For example, the default roles include administrator, power user, standard user, guests, etc. This snapin may not be used with this edition of Windows To manage user accounts for this computer, use the User Accounts tool in the Control Panel. The problem with the user accounts tool from the control panel is that it does not give a lot of options regarding user rights control.

Lusrmgr is always easier to use and historically, administrators have used the console for user management. In this article, we will discuss how to enable lusrmgr in Windows 10 Home and also how to manage users from the command-line.

It is not possible to use the built-in local user and group management tool in Windows 10 Home but we can use a third-party tool which is very similar to the built-in tool and it has the same functionality. You can create new users and groups and change the existing users and groups easily using this app.

Lusrmgr is a portable app that can be run on any edition of Windows 10 including Windows 10 Home. Please note that the lusrmgr program requires administrative privileges and. NET framework 4. Password settings include changing or resetting Windows passwords, restricting password changes and password changes at the next logon, and storing passwords using reversible encryption and logins without passwords.

You can also configure the logon times of the user, account expiration and also define a logon script path and the home folder. One interesting feature of lusrmgr is that it can also connect to remote computers for managing their local users and groups. Please note that remote computers are required to allow remote connections otherwise this utility will not be able to connect successfully. Once you have made the changes in the user or group rights, you can easily verify if the new changes are in effect using the command-line.

For example, I added the user itechtics in Hyper-V administrators group using lusrmgr executable discussed above. Overall, lusrmgr. What is your experience with the tool? Please share your experience with us in the comments below. How to enable the group policy editor in Windows 10 Home. How to enable Hyper-V in Windows 10 Home. He has experience in everything from IT support, helpdesk, sysadmin, network admin, and cloud computing.

From the pop up window, you can do almost all things you can do in lusrmgr. Hi, Usman! Every time I try to open the file, Bitdefender stops it. When I restore the file, Bitdefender stops me again.

Hi Daphne, since this executable does the system related changes, it is detected as malicious by some virus engines including Bitdefender. Skip to content Local user and group management lusrmgr. Facebook Twitter. Previous Previous. Next Continue. Leave a Reply Cancel reply You have to agree to the comment policy. I was getting very frustrated with this home limitation!

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