Mavungwani lends a helping hand through a difficult 2020

Mavungwani lends a helping hand through a difficult 2020

Mavungwani Colliery, under Mbuyelo Coal (Pty) Ltd (“Mbuyelo”), was equally affected by the COVID-19 pandemic as were all businesses, yet it found a way to reach out and touch a many hearts.

One of the mine’s main objective is to improve the quality of learning environment through ongoing donations. One such example is the donation of the fourth mobile classroom in Goebram Primary School. The project cost a generous two hundred and twenty-three thousand rands (R223 000), all in an effort to tackle the situation with the over crowdedness that occurred when Welgemeend Primary closed down in 2019. Previously, Mavungwani had donated three mobile classrooms to Goebram Primary. Today, all four classrooms are electrified and air conditioners installed. One hundred and fifty thousand rands(R150 000) later, the children are be able to do their level best, being in a conducive environment.

Under Social Development is the Community Care Centre which was put together for the community of Carolina. This was not part of the Local Economic Development (“LED”) commitments, but a request from the community which the mine felt strongly about. The update on this Centre, is that the connection of Municipal Services has been completed. This includes sewer, water and electricity. The centre is officially ready to be occupied. The Community Centre- structure and the Municipal Services alone, has come to a robust R1.2 million so far and worth every cent! That’s not all, the mine plans on furnishing the Centre because the police station plans on using it as a victim friendly centre.

The social outreach project that Mavungwani was involved in this year was the donation of COVID-19 dust masks and gloves to front-liners in the community surrounding the mine.

Mavungwani has been an active participant of society in curbing the issues surrounding Gender Based Violence (GBV) and Femicide in and around its surrounding communities. In an event held at Matla Coal on the 20th of November 2020, the Colliery was acknowledged for being one of the first mines complying with all the criteria with regards to the submitted action plan, budget and management commitment towards eliminating GBVF in the mining industry.

These handsome amounts mentioned above went towards community projects- all of these before Mbuyelo begins with its LED commitments. This is a true reflection of the mine’s caring spirit towards the people of Goebram and other areas surrounding the operation.

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