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One of the stories to share with everyone, is the certificate handover of ABET (AET).
Ntshovelo employees, including its contractors passed their current levels and were awarded their National Certificates in the first quarter, 2022. ABET classes are conducted on site on a weekly basis, and are run by a service provider by the name of Triple E.

Mining of pillars

Anyone that is well informed about the mine, knows that Ntshovelo’s life of mine was supposed to come to an end mid 2019, but that did not deter this Mbuyelo team! A project to extend the life mine for another 5 years has been undertaken. Authorisations by DMR were obtained around June 2019 and it appears it’s all systems go for this Mbuyelo offspring.

This project involves responsible mining of pillars in previously mined underground areas, that were mined around 1940. It has been no stroll in the park, as it has necessitated the change in mining layout- with two box cuts from the east and the west of mine; dewatering of underground flooded pillars, and training of employees on new mining methods amongst other things.

This is a monumental milestone for Ntshovelo (- for Mbuyelo Coal as a whole), not to mention a continuous learning curve for all involved.

Mbuyelo applauds Ntshovelo for running with the motto “hard work pays off”!

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